DripX™ is an innovative floating toilet leak detector that uses advanced edge computation and machine learning algorithms to accurately detect toilet leaks. This case study examines how the DripX™ system was implemented in a suburban neighborhood, resulting in significant water conservation and cost savings for homeowners.


Toilet leaks are a common issue that can lead to significant water waste and increased water bills. In a suburban neighborhood of 100 homes, many homeowners were experiencing unexplained increases in their water bills, prompting them to search for a solution. DripX™ was introduced to the community to help identify and address toilet leaks, with the goal of conserving water and reducing water bills.


DripX™ devices were installed in each of the 100 homes in the neighborhood. The floating design allowed for easy installation in the toilet tanks without the need for professional assistance. Homeowners were given access to the DripX™ app, which provided real-time monitoring, customizable settings, and remote access to the system.


After three months of using DripX™, the following results were observed:

Early leak detection: The real-time monitoring capabilities of DripX™ allowed homeowners to detect leaks early, preventing potential water damage and reducing water waste.

Water conservation: The neighborhood saw a significant reduction in water usage, with an average decrease of 15% per household.

Cost savings: The reduction in water usage led to an average savings of $75 per household on water bills over the three-month period.

Improved fixture health: DripX™’s ability to monitor the health of individual toilet systems allowed homeowners to address potential issues before they escalated into significant problems, prolonging the lifespan of their toilets.

Increased awareness and education: Homeowners reported a greater understanding of water conservation and leak prevention, thanks to the educational resources and recommendations provided by the DripX™ app.


The DripX™ innovative floating toilet leak detector proved to be a valuable solution for the suburban neighborhood, leading to significant water conservation and cost savings for homeowners. The easy installation, real-time monitoring capabilities, and advanced algorithms of the DripX™ system allowed homeowners to effectively detect and prevent toilet leaks. This case study highlights the potential benefits of implementing DripX™ in communities across the country, helping to conserve valuable water resources and save homeowners money on their water bills.