About MoveX

What is MoveX

MoveX is an advanced motion detection device designed to integrate seamlessly with the Nolix® platform, a comprehensive digital system for managing and analyzing various types of data. As a motion detection device, MoveX employs sophisticated sensors and algorithms to accurately detect, track, and analyze movements within its monitoring range.

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The real-time ML model generation capability of MoveX sets it apart as a highly adaptable and forward-thinking solution, suitable for a myriad of applications where responsiveness and adaptability are crucial. This positions MoveX not just as a tool for the present, but as a scalable solution for future challenges and opportunities.

MoveX: Precision in Motion for the Nolix® Platform

Real Time ML model generation provides innovative tools to create your own solution. Edge computing allows anyone to deploy his solution at the device saving battery and reducing latency


High-precision Sensors

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for detecting subtle and rapid movements.


Real-time Data Processing

Instant processing and transmission of motion data to the Nolix® platform.


Advanced Analytics

Utilizes machine learning algorithms for intelligent motion analysis and pattern recognition.


Wide Range of Detection

Capable of monitoring large areas with high accuracy.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with the Nolix® platform for efficient data management and analysis.


Customizable Alerts

Configurable to send alerts based on specific motion detection criteria.

MoveX: Redefining Motion Precision. Unleashing Innovation in Pet Care with Nolix® Integration.

MoveX, with its advanced capabilities, holds the potential to revolutionize various sectors by providing precise motion detection and analysis, especially when paired with the analytical power of the Nolix® platform.

Certainly, MoveX can be particularly useful in the pet market by offering innovative solutions for pet owners and animal enthusiasts.

Security and Surveillance

Implementing MoveX in residential or commercial properties for intrusion detection and monitoring unauthorized movements.

Healthcare Monitoring

In hospitals or care homes, it can monitor patient movements, detect falls or unusual activities, enhancing patient safety.

Retail Analytics

In retail spaces, analyzing customer movement patterns for optimizing store layout and improving customer experience.

Smart Home Automation

Integrating with home automation systems to control lights, HVAC, and other systems based on occupancy and movement patterns.

Industrial Automation

Monitoring machinery and worker movements in industrial settings to ensure safety and optimize workflow.

Sports Training and Rehabilitation

Analyzing athletes’ movements to enhance training efficiency and assist in injury recovery processes.

Wildlife Observation

Used in natural habitats to track animal movements for research and conservation efforts without human interference.

MoveX: Elevating Pet Care and Beyond. Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Adaptability.

By expanding into the pet market, MoveX can offer pet owners and wildlife enthusiasts valuable insights into animal behavior and well-being, enhancing the care and understanding of animals.

The incorporation of real-time machine learning (ML) model generation in MoveX indeed opens up a vast array of possibilities across various industries and applications. This innovative feature allows MoveX to adaptively learn and respond to new patterns and situations in real-time, making it exceptionally versatile and powerful.

Pet Feeder Monitoring

MoveX can detect when a pet is eating from its feeder, helping owners track their pets’ feeding habits and schedule. This is especially useful for monitoring the diet of pets with specific nutritional needs.

Bird Feeder Observation

It can monitor bird feeders in gardens or wild areas, recording the frequency and types of birds visiting. This information can be valuable for bird enthusiasts and researchers studying bird behavior and patterns.

Pet Activity and Health Tracking

By analyzing movement patterns, MoveX can help in monitoring the overall activity levels of pets, which is crucial for ensuring their physical well-being. Sudden changes in activity can alert owners to potential health issues.

Automated Pet Doors

Integration with pet doors to allow them to open automatically when the pet approaches, while keeping stray animals out. This enhances convenience and security for both pets and owners.

Behavioral Analysis

Identifying behavioral patterns such as excessive scratching, restlessness, or lethargy, which could be indicators of health or psychological issues in pets.

Interactive Pet Toys

Integration with pet toys to make them react or move when the pet is nearby, stimulating physical activity and mental engagement for pets.

Litter Box Usage Monitoring

Detecting when a pet uses the litter box, which can be useful for tracking the health and hygiene habits of cats.

Wildlife Monitoring at Watering Holes

Observing animal behavior and frequency at watering holes in wild areas, providing valuable data for ecological studies and conservation efforts.

Pet Safety in Gardens and Yards

Ensuring pet safety by monitoring their movements in outdoor areas and alerting if they venture into potentially dangerous zones like pools or busy streets.

Training Assistance

Assisting in pet training by monitoring and recording responses to various training commands and techniques.

MoveX FAQ’s

What is MoveX?

MoveX is an innovative device that can be attached to virtually any object to monitor and analyze its movements using sophisticated AI algorithms. It offers a broad application spectrum, from enhancing sports performance to bolstering home security systems.

How does MoveX work?

MoveX employs a blend of motion sensors and AI technology to track and analyze the movements of the attached object. Users can train the device by performing the specific movement they want to monitor(e.g., moving it from right to left or top to bottom). The AI then learns to recognize this movement pattern. When a similar movement is detected in the future, the user receives a notification.

Which objects can MoveX be attached to?

MoveX’s versatile design allows it to be affixed to almost any object, such as sports gear, vehicles, household items, or pets, enabling a wide range of tracking possibilities.

Is installing MoveX complicated?

No, setting up MoveX is straightforward. The device uses the actual movement the user wants to monitor for its setup process, making it user-friendly and easily customizable.

Does MoveX need to be connected to the internet?

MoveX can perform basic tracking functions without an internet connection. However, to utilize advanced features like real-time analytics and receive notifications, an internet connection is necessary.

How can I view the data MoveX collects?

Data and insights collected by MoveX are accessible through the Nolix® app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app offers an intuitive interface for real-time and historical data analysis.

Can MoveX be used outside?

Yes, MoveX is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its durable, weather-resistant construction.

How secure is the data collected by MoveX?

Data security is a top priority for MoveX. The device uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that user data is protected and accessible only to authorized individuals.

What is the battery life of MoveX?

MoveX features an exceptionally long battery life, lasting between 4 to 6 months on a single charge, depending on usage patterns.

What should I do if I have problems with my MoveX device?

MoveX is supported by comprehensive customer service. For assistance, users can reach out through the Nolix® app, our website, or our dedicated phone support line.

Does MoveX offer real-time movement detection?

Yes, MoveX is capable of detecting and notifying users of movements in real-time, thanks to its AI-driven technology.

Is there a warranty for MoveX?

Each MoveX device comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions.

For issues or warranty claims, contact support at support@nolix.ai or WhatsApp at +1 858-333-1035. FCC ID for compliance: 2AC7Z-ESP32.

Technical Support Manual

Welcome To MoveX

Congratulations!! on your new MoveX device! MoveX is an advanced movement monitoring system designed to alert you when predefined movements are detected. This manual guides you through the setup process, including charging, connecting to Bluetooth (BT) and Wi-Fi, and collecting data for AI training.

Package Contents

MoveX Device

Charging Cable

Quick Start Guide

Safety & Warranty

Getting Started

Charging Your MoveX Device

Connect the Charging Cable: Find the charging port on your MoveX device and connect it to the provided charging cable.

Plug into Power Source: Connect the other end of the charging cable to a power adapter (not included) and plug it into a wall outlet.

Charge Indicator: The device will display a charging indicator. A full charge typically takes up to 2 hours.

Full Charge Notification: Once fully charged, the device will display a full battery icon or emit a short sound signal, depending on your model.

Installing the Nolix.ai App