About Us


NoliX® has expertise in developing AI models and training machine learning (ML) models to enhance the capabilities of our IoT devices and enable intelligent decision-making.

Our IoT hardware design ecosystem offers a comprehensive platform for developing and deploying IoT solutions. By combining cutting-edge hardware, web and mobile applications, data analytics, and AI capabilities, we empower businesses to leverage the full potential of IoT technologies for increased efficiency, productivity, and intelligent decision-making.

Meet Our Team

NoliX® is a team of passionate innovators, engineers, and environmental enthusiasts dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment.

Avi Greenboim


Alan Ben


Susan Smith

Project Manager

Mark Phillip


Cloud Platform

A robust cloud platform forms the backbone of our ecosystem, facilitating secure storage, data processing, and access to various services. It enables remote device management and provides scalability for handling large amounts of data generated by IoT devices.


To extract valuable insights from IoT data, we incorporate advanced data analytics techniques and an AI engine. This enables us to deliver real-time analytics, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, and other data-driven services.