AI Models and ML Model Training

By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) models and training machine learning models, we enhance the intelligence quotient of our IoT ecosystem. This enables us to provide advanced analytics, insights, and autonomous decision-making capabilities.

Our ecosystem supports the training of machine learning models using historical and real-time IoT data. These trained models can be deployed on IoT devices, edge servers, or the cloud, enabling real-time decision-making and intelligent automation.

DripX® devices are based on proprietary technology in the field of AI/ML. AI and machine learning is becoming increasingly important in the IoT space, as they enable devices to analyze and make sense of the vast amounts of data generated by sensors and other sources. This can lead to more intelligent and automated decision-making, as well as improved predictive maintenance and other applications.

DripX® has developed a technology that advances the state-of-the-art in AI/ML for IoT devices, DripX® will have significant implications for the industry. DripX® technology will enable the development of more sophisticated applications and use cases that were previously not possible, or that were not feasible from a performance or cost perspective.