IoT Hardware

Our hardware devices are designed for seamless connectivity and integration with other components of the ecosystem. These devices may include sensors, actuators, gateways, communication modules, and custom-designed circuit boards.

We aim to design and develop cutting-edge IoT hardware devices that cater to specific industry requirements. These devices will seamlessly integrate with our software components to create a unified ecosystem

Step 02: How to install and use the device

  • Turn on the device using the provided magnet by placing it here.
  • Make sure your phone is selected ON for BT and Wi-Fi.
  • Wait for the LED to blink twice then it becomes stable – the light will continue to blink during the installation process.
  • Measure the distance to the bottom of the tank.
  • If need you can use the string provided to attach the device to the tank’s panel so the device does not block the flush mechanism.