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Why Choose DripX™?

At DripX, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art water conservation and leak detection solutions. Our flagship product, DripX™, is a groundbreaking floating toilet leak detector that combines advanced edge computing and machine learning algorithms to accurately identify leaks and prevent water waste. By choosing DripX, you’ll benefit from:

  • The Exclusive AI Leak Detection Device in the Market.
  • No professional installation needed!
  • Simply connect to Wi-Fi, and within seconds, DripX is synced, safeguarding your property and the environment.
  • Benefiting from a prolonged battery life that can be extended from 2 to 6 years.
  • Just place and receive alerts in your toilet tank.
  • Did you know? 20% of toilets are leaking. Why disregard and incur expenses for water you’re not utilizing?
  • Invest in DripX for efficient leak detection and conservation of resources.

DripX™ – The Revolutionary Floating Toilet Leak Detector

Discover DripX™, our innovative floating toilet leak detector that uses edge computing and machine learning algorithms to detect water leaks in real-time. With easy installation, seamless integration with our intuitive app, and proven water conservation results, DripX™ is the ideal solution for homeowners looking to save water and money.

WaterX sensors – Dash Reporting

Have you ever experienced a plumbing problem in your house, only to spend hours (or even days) attempting to figure out where the problem is? Perhaps you operate a huge apartment complex and are always dealing with flooding caused by leaking toilets. If so, you understand how frustrating it may be to try to pinpoint the cause
of the problem.

We Successfully Completed 100+ Projects

Properties have been able to save money because of our entire leak remedy. Our system comprises toilets, swimming pools, and irrigation system solutions that will be announced soon.


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Reviews From Our Clients


I was amazed by the effectiveness and accuracy of DripX™'s leak detection technology. The real-time monitoring and alerts have saved me from costly repairs and significantly reduced my water bill. The DripX™ team is always available to provide support, making the entire experience stress-free. I've recommended DripX™ to my friends and family, and they've all experienced the same great results.

Mike John

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As an environmentally conscious homeowner, I was always looking for ways to reduce my water footprint. DripX™ exceeded my expectations with its innovative leak detection technology and easy-to-use app. The real-time monitoring and alerts have been invaluable in helping me conserve water and reduce my water bill. I've recommended DripX™ to all my neighbors and friends, and they've been equally impressed.

Steven R.

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Before discovering DripX™, I had no idea how much water was being wasted due to toilet leaks in my home. The easy installation and intuitive app made monitoring water usage and detecting leaks a breeze. I am thrilled with the savings on my water bill and the peace of mind knowing my home is protected from potential water damage. I highly recommend DripX™ to anyone looking to conserve water and save money.

Jane S.

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DripX™ has truly transformed the way we manage water usage in our home. The device's innovative design and cutting-edge technology have helped us detect and fix leaks before they became a major issue. The user-friendly app keeps us informed of our water usage patterns, allowing us to make smarter decisions about water conservation. We couldn't be happier with our investment in DripX™.

Michael P

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Water Waste Fact

The average toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day.

City of Daytona
A medium sized toilet leak wastes 250 gallons per day.

New York City
Environmental Protection
Water can flow through an open fill valve at a rate of three to five gallons per minute.

New York City
Environmental Protection
About 20% of all toilets leak.

Saint Paul Regional
Water Services
More than 20% of gravity-flush toilets leak.

Southeastern Water
It is estimated that 20% of all toilets leak!

City of Kirkland