About MoveX

What is MoveX

MoveX is an advanced motion detection device designed to integrate seamlessly with the Nolix platform, a comprehensive digital system for managing and analyzing various types of data. As a motion detection device, MoveX employs sophisticated sensors and algorithms to accurately detect, track, and analyze movements within its monitoring range.

We are always working to provide you best of the features in all aspects.

The real-time ML model generation capability of MoveX sets it apart as a highly adaptable and forward-thinking solution, suitable for a myriad of applications where responsiveness and adaptability are crucial. This positions MoveX not just as a tool for the present, but as a scalable solution for future challenges and opportunities.

MoveX: Precision in Motion for the Nolix Platform

Real Time ML model generation provides innovative tools to create your own solution. Edge computing allows anyone to deploy his solution at the device saving battery and reducing latency


High-precision Sensors

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for detecting subtle and rapid movements.


Real-time Data Processing

Instant processing and transmission of motion data to the Nolix platform.


Advanced Analytics

Utilizes machine learning algorithms for intelligent motion analysis and pattern recognition.


Wide Range of Detection

Capable of monitoring large areas with high accuracy.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with the Nolix platform for efficient data management and analysis.


Customizable Alerts

Configurable to send alerts based on specific motion detection criteria.