Innovative IoT Technologies is a solution provider to the smart home and the home repair market. Using Nolix app and dashboard, Nolix provides the on going monitoring and alerts to issues such as leaks, dust, repairs, etc.
Our integrated solutions empower businesses to harness the potential of AI-driven insights while leveraging the connectivity and sensor capabilities of IoT devices for enhanced operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Revolutionary Private Label and White Label Solutions for Patented and Unique Devices

Private Label Solutions

At Nolix™, we take pride in offering cutting-edge technology that can be seamlessly integrated and private-labeled for other companies. Our platform and devices are designed to empower businesses by providing customizable solutions under their own branding.

White Label Solutions

We specialize in white label solutions, allowing businesses to rebrand and resell our innovative platform and devices as their own. This flexibility enables our clients to expand their product offerings and enhance their brand identity without the need for extensive development.

Patented and Unique Devices

Every device developed by Nolix™ is the result of our dedication to innovation and patented technology. Our devices are unique in their functionality and design, offering unparalleled advantages in the market.

Safeguarding Homes and the Environment

Pioneering Water Conservation and Leak Detection Solutions

Our cutting-edge technology ensures a sustainable future by conserving water and preventing leaks. With innovative and effective solutions, our products not only protect homes but also contribute to preserving our environment

Empowering Businesses: Unveiling the Benefits of Our IoT Hardware Design Ecosystem

By adopting our IoT hardware design ecosystem, our customers can benefit from:

Improved operational efficiency through remote monitoring and control of IoT devices.

Enhanced predictive maintenance capabilities, leading to reduced downtime and optimized resource utilization.

Deeper insights into business processes through advanced analytics and AI-driven decision-making.

Scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs.

Cost-effective solutions tailored to specific industry requirements.